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Agro Aydin is your reliable partner for the sale and beef supply , stall and pedigree cattle, as well as sheep. The main focus of our work is the purchase and sale, primarily cattle. We work in the field of procurement:

  • beef cattle of any categories;
  • stall cattle;
  • pregnant heifers.

Another area of ​​work of Agro Aydin is animal husbandry. The supply of cattle, sheep, is carried out in Ukraine and abroad. We work according to international standards and provide a full range of services in the field of purchase and sale of beef cattle.

An established infrastructure for procurement, preparation of cattle, quarantine measures in accordance with generally accepted requirements allows working not only at the local market, but also for export. Already today, Agro Aydin's products are sold in Europe, Asia, around the world.

A service is available for transporting cattle, sheep, and other animals. The presence of its own fleet and specialized vehicles (cattle trucks) provides quick transportation of animals, as well as wholesale live weight.

Agro Aydin is one of the leaders in livestock purchase and sale transactions. We have extensive experience in agribusiness and animal husbandry, which allows us to successfully cooperate with partners not only in Ukraine, the EU, but also in the UAE, Iraq, Lebanon and other countries.

 Bulls and cows Agro Aydin Ukraine


The specialized company Agro Aydin is an expert in the sale of cattle in Ukraine and abroad.

Extensive experience in the livestock sector, qualified staff, as well as the availability of a powerful material and technical base allows us not only to grow, but also to successfully improve and cultivate new cattle breeds.

Thanks to the established business and efforts of Agro Aydin, export of pedigree cattle in Ukraine is developing rapidly and is becoming an increasingly promising area for work.

The company's team consists of experts in livestock farming with rich experience. Already today, Agro Aydin sells on a regular basis from a calf farm.

We propose a specialized service for the wholesale supply of cattle:

  • you can order calves from our farm with delivery directly to your farm ;
  • the company accepts orders for the purchase of cattle of different breeds (you can order animals of different directions, species, age);
  • company specialists provide assistance in the selection, purchase and delivery of cattle;
  • We are engaged in exporting cattle to the countries of the European Union, Asia, around the world.

The company's specialists developed an infrastructure for the purchase of animals, a daily quarantine system, and established processes for exporting and transporting cattle to Europe and other countries.

Sale and export sheep Agro Aydin Ukraine


Agro Aydin is a modern, well-equipped farm that breeds and sells sheep in Ukraine. Also, farms work for export with delivery. Today you can buy live weight from us:

  • sheep;
  • rams;
  • lambs.

The company's products comply with European and international standards, so it can be sold not only in the local market, but also abroad - in Europe and Asia.

Agro Aydin specializes in the sale of sheep and sheep of the following breeds:

  • Texel sheep (French line);
  • Oxford Down Sheep (Oxford Down);
  • Walisser Schwarznase.

A separate area of ​​work is breeding of the Romanovskaya and Ukrainian mountain Carpathian breeds.

We have been successfully working in the field of sheep breeding and sale in Ukraine, as well as for export, for more than a year and have extensive experience in agribusiness and animal husbandry. Sheep purchase is carried out by live weight.

Benefits of working with Agro Aydin:

  • Our experts crossed texel with the Ukrainian Mountain Carpathian and bred a breed of sheep, which has better external features and more weight.
  • With us you can buy sheep in bulk. Prices for wholesalers are among the lowest on the market. Fat tail rams for meat or for breeding are also on sale.