Meat wholesale

Buy meat in Ukraine wholesale and for export abroad

The Ukrainian company Agro Aydin is an expert in the purchase and sale of fresh or frozen meat products. A distinctive feature of the work of the agricultural holding is that cattle and meat products undergo strict control and identification procedures at all stages of production. Without exception, all identification numbers are interconnected.

In the process of production, meat is marked, sorted and carefully processed. On our products you will not find the slightest trace of damage.

The company "Agro Aydin" specializes in the production of high quality beef, as well as first and second grades. All products are frozen in carcasses and blocks. The annual volumes of deliveries in Ukraine and for export already exceed 300 thousand tons.

All meat and meat products have quality certificates and the Halal certificate.

fresh beef Agro Aydin Ukraine


The indisputable advantage of Agro Aydin is that we export meat products, the safety and purity of which are confirmed by the relevant certificates. Meat and meat products are purchased at certified enterprises in Ukraine.

The agricultural complex is focused on long-term partnership and cooperation with customers. That is why we listen to customers, offer the most favorable conditions for cooperation, accept its terms and conditions of packaging and production of Halal. The buyer always has the opportunity to adapt to individual market requirements. The company "Agro Aydin" does everything possible to achieve common goals with customers.

Each supplier of products  is a partner, cooperation with which is time-tested. Thanks to well-coordinated, efficient and transparent work, our company has received the certificate of the HALAL certification and standardization center.

Sale and export halal frozen meat Agro Aydin Ukraine


Agro Aydin offers a wide range of products. You can order from us:

  • beef;
  • lamb;
  • half carcasses;
  • flesh without bones.

Products are delivered to the customer in vacuum packaging or without it.

Today, the Agro Aydin agricultural complex is the No. 1 producer of halal meat in Ukraine. Our company annually undergoes inspection, certification and registration in Ukraine.

Each bull carcass is divided into 17 parts, each of which is evacuated separately, after which bone separation and meat packing are performed.

Product safety is confirmed by certificates and conclusions of authorized bodies. There are certificates on compliance with the standards of the food safety management system - ISO 22000: 2005, the company is ready to provide customers with upon request.

Sale and export frozen chicken Agro Aydin Ukraine


If you are interested in buying chicken meat, Agro Aydin offers a large assortment of fresh and frozen chicken. We cooperate with countries in Europe, Asia, as well as countries such as the OEA, Egypt, Kuwait, Iran and Iraq. Productive  cooperation in matters of the wholesale of chicken meat with partners from the countries of near and far abroad allows the agro-industrial company Agro Aydin to maintain a leading position in the market and also to offer a loyal price list for products. Our prices are among the lowest in comparison with the offers of competing firms.

We offer customers chicken of Ukrainian origin. Frozen chicken and other poultry products are the foundation of our product range.

The company's goal is to control the movement of raw materials, their delivery from suppliers to the customer’s production facilities, as well as the subsequent delivery of finished products to the final consumer.

We focus on the quality of chicken meat. The company is equipped with the most modern equipment, due to which chicken products meet not only European, but also international standards.

Agro Aydin is open for cooperation with enterprises from all over the world.

Agro Aydin chicken meat and meat products are protected by quality certificates in accordance with international standards - ISO 22000: 2005.