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Agro Aydin is engaged in the production and sale of crops:

  • wheat;
  • barley;
  • corn;
  • soybeans.

All products are of high nutritional value and have a long shelf life. When transporting crops there are no difficulties.

Agrofirm "Agro Aydin" carries out continuous work to improve the quality of agricultural products sold. We are expanding the production of durum wheat, as well as valuable feed cereals.

The annual volume of grain production by the company is 200 thousand tons.

For each name of the grain quality certificates are provided.

wheat Agro Aydin Ukraine


AGRO AYDIN ​​specializes in the production and sale of wheat. To maintain the quality of grain and quantitative indicators, the most modern equipment and advanced technologies are used. A responsible approach allows you to minimize losses and significantly reduce storage costs.

The company's specialists are developing a program for the construction of modern high-tech grain storage elevators.

The financial and economic crisis in the country did not force us to abandon innovative developments. The team of specialists at Agro Aydin is working on options for the development and expansion of production.

In the coming years, the agricultural company has planned the construction of new production facilities - modern elevators.

AGRO AYDIN ​​offers two types of wheat:

  • Feed (feed). It is used as a coma in the cultivation of farm animals, poultry, in the process of production of animal feed.
  • Food. Used by enterprises in baking products, as well as in flour mills.

Agricultural company AGRO AYDIN ​​offers affordable prices. Wheat quality remains consistently high under all circumstances. Cereals undergo quality control, so customers get wheat that meets European and international standards.

Making a choice in favor of high-quality grain from AGRO AYDIN, you choose savings with a guarantee, and also open excellent prospects for the growth of your own agribusiness.

Sale and export Barley wholesale Agro Aydin Ukraine


High-quality barley in Ukraine at affordable prices is not a dream, but a reality! Buying a first-class product is easy. AGRO AYDIN ​​company offers for sale a wide range of cereals, including a large selection of feed barley at wholesale prices.

Spring barley is a popular early ripening crop in Ukraine, the ripening period of which varies from 60 to 120 days after sowing.

Barley grain is used:

  • in the production of cereals - barley and pearl barley;
  • in the production of coffee substitute;
  • during the production of flour.

It is worth noting that flour produced from barley is of poor quality. That is why such products are not used in the production of bakery products (or used extremely rarely).

Cooperation with the Agro Aydin company is favorable conditions for customers when buying Ukrainian barley, regardless of the volume of purchase.

We offer regular customers:

  • consistently high quality of crops;
  • attentive approach and responsible attitude to each order;
  • affordable prices for products;
  • flexible system of discounts;
  • a wide range of cereals for various purposes.

Agrofirm AGRO AYDIN ​​is engaged in the supply of barley, the quality of which is confirmed by the relevant certificates (in accordance with the international standards of the food safety management system - ISO 22000: 2005).

Sale and export corn Agro Aydin Ukraine


Agricultural company AGRO AYDIN ​​offers the attention of customers from Ukraine, countries near and far abroad corn of the highest quality. We carry out export deliveries, as well as delivery in Ukraine.

Corn grown in Ukraine is a popular crop. It is universal in application. Its main distinguishing feature is always high yields.

When buying grain for feed, you should pay attention to the following significant points:

  • quality;
  • cleanliness;
  • compliance with GOST.

Agrofirm AGRO AYDIN ​​sells grain on the domestic market and for export, which meet all of the above criteria.

We offer corn at affordable, economically reasonable prices to all buyers without exception.

When  addressing to the Agro Aydin company, you can count on:

  • consistently high grain quality;
  • delivery throughout Ukraine;
  • savings on the item of feed costs.

The main goal of the company is mutually beneficial cooperation with customers, built on respect and mutual trust.

Sale and export soya Agro Aydin Ukraine


Ukraine is a country that is moving confidently in the direction of the TOP-6 soybean exporting countries. Oilseed production is growing rapidly annually, as evidenced by seasonal increases, as well as market dynamics.

To date, the market situation and soybean prices in Ukraine are largely determined by global trends.

Constantly growing demand for soybeans abroad with limited supply volumes is the main support for agricultural producers in Ukraine.

Today, buying soy is not difficult. Developed technologies and the openness of enterprises to cooperation simplify the purchase and sale process as much as possible.

Monthly volumes of soybean exports are increasing, as is the vector of the consumer market.

Soybean is an economically profitable culture with excellent prospects for sale and subsequent use. Pancake week beans from the company "Agro Aydin" meets the basic requirements for this culture.

Soy is the main source of protein, which is found in large quantities in animal feed. Full-fledged livestock growth provides a large amount of the nutrients found in beans.

Soya is a culture that is many times superior to other grains and legumes in terms of sanitary and hygienic indicators.

It is important to note that in its pure form soybeans, as animal feed, are not used. In most cases, soybean products are used:

  • soybean meal;
  • full-fat soy;

AGRO AYDIN ​​offers soy at an affordable price. Turning to us, you are guaranteed to get a culture in which quality it is impossible to doubt.

Our company values ​​each client and always works for the result. Mutually beneficial long-term cooperation and stable economic relations are the main priorities of our work.